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Emcebee designs and produces web cleaning solutions for dust problems which arise during the manufacture of paper, paperboard, film and in the printing and packaging industries. Our web cleaning systems result in:

  • improvement in the quality of your product
  • a greater number of productive machine-hours
  • reduced material loss, reduced waste and fewer
    product rejects
  • improved working conditions

Working with our customers, we investigate the causes of dust problems. After careful analysis we then propose a customised web cleaning solution for your situation. In addition to engineering, production and delivery, Emcebee carries out the installation work.

But our involvement does not end here. We offer maintenance packages tailored to your personal needs. Even if the maintenance is minimal, a regular inspection of your web cleaning system is recommended in order to guarantee maximum efficiency for your system.

Emcebee web cleaning systems are produced under our own management for both end-users and OEM's and are installed as standard by various international machine construction companies in their products.