Emcebee - Industrial Non-Contact Web Cleaners, non-contact web cleaning systems for the graphic and converting industry g

Emcebee Cleanflow® non-contact web cleaning is a versatile system that is used to remove dust and fibres from moving webs.

Major advancements to Cleanflow® non-contact web cleaning systems have taken place in recent years. Web widths of 8 metres are now included in our product range, and also systems up to a width of 60 cm have proved to be excellent additions to our existing range.

The advantages of Cleanflow® are:

  • compact design enabling integration into virtually any situation
  • various models and designs available, with widths from 30 cm to 8 metres 
  • modern jet-pulse filter system fitted with advanced filter control and several alarm functions for continuous process monitoring
  • virtually maintenance-free
  • equipped as standard with ionisation in order to suppress adhesive forces and give optimum and efficient web cleaning
  • very effective cleaning without marking or influencing the web

The Cleanflow® non-contact web cleaning system is used for:

  • sheeters
  • rewinders
  • laminators
  • coaters
  • extruders
  • rotary printing presses

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about the effectiveness of our systems and example applications.



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